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Transcript 1: Funeral services and grief management – R75-00
This is a copy of Stephen's latest funeral blueprint which he uses as the basis for his funeral services.
He is asked for copies of it at every service he performs because of its beautifully comforting words and insights into the place and normality of death in the world. It encompasses beliefs from many cultures and includes sections for the non-religious to the highly-religious.
It is a wonderful document for those who are terminally ill, those who have aging family, those struggling with the loss of loved ones and for Ministers who perform funeral services.

Transcript 2: 10 Wedding services and wedding related contacts – R75-00
This document contains at least 6 of Stephen's current wedding ceremonies from Pagan/Wiccan to very Christian. There are ceremonies for Jewish/Christian couples, Inter denominational couples, idea's for couples to include children as well as ceremonies for the less religious. There are various wedding poems, marriage scriptures and examples of different vows. There are ideas for sand ceremonies, unity candle ceremonies, hand fasting and breaking glass ceremonies. Included in this Transcript are some ideas on how to be your own wedding planner and contact details of Stephen's favorite wedding suppliers, ranging from flowers and DJs to dance lessons and honeymoon travel. And an added bonus: Stephen's, "How to choose the right minister for your wedding

Talk 1: Avoiding the top regrets of the dying – R50-00
A deeply moving and life changing experience based on insights gained from researching and interacting with the dying and bereaved. In this talk, Stephen highlights these regrets and then gives pragmatic advice on how to avoid them in your own life. Who better to gain insights into living a more fulfilling life than those who are about to lose theirs. This is a 45 minute talk with a 15 minute question and answer session.

Talk 2: The Relationship Experience – R50-00
An incredibly insightful look into Human Behavior in "love relationships" and what marriage is really about. Stephen draws from his 25 year relationship with his wife and experiences gained from taking many couples through his course with the same title. Learn about Axiology, the study of values, and how values interact in marriages. How your differences are a blessing and not a curse. How to use the 5 love and 5 apology languages to improve your relationships. That nothing is actually missing in your life. The role of friends in your marriage. In this talk, Stephen debunks many of the myths and fantasies about marriage, bringing a pragmatic and reassuring new vision of marriage. This is a 45 minute talk with a 15 minute question and answer session.

Talk 3: The Life Skills Experience – R50-00
An uplifting, inspiring and motivating message for those who feel overly challenged by life. Drawing from his own life experiences, both difficult and fulfilling, and augmenting it with hours of study with his current mentor, Dr. John Demartini, Stephen unravels the enigma of disappointment, stress and even depression. Coming to terms with what is and seeing both the blessing and curse in every situation reframes even the worst of experiences. This talk will reframe your past, clarify your present and give you newfound hope for the future. This is a 45 minute talk with a 15 minute question and answer session.

Talk 4: A philosophical look at the meaning of life – R50-00
A more esoteric and Spiritual perspective on Life, Death, the Universe and Eternity. In this talk Stephen draws on his experience of years Spiritual Leadership, a lifetime of questioning the status quo and decades of study to bring enlightening concepts to his audiences. What is the meaning of life? Why are we here? What is the nature of God? What is our relationship to that God? How do we relate to this to enhance our lives? What is the role of religion? Do you need a church to get to heaven? And introducing the concept of Higher Universalism. Explore these and other questions designed to augment your Spiritual Awareness.

Talk 5: The Tantric Sex Experience – R50-00
A talk for the more open-minded and adventurous. In this talk Stephen shares the deeper meaning of human sexuality, breaks through the societal myths surrounding this sensitive subject and gives practical insights into enhancing this important area of life. A frank, open, mature and humorous experience which will leave you in no doubt as to the differences between male and female sexuality, what works for each gender (and doesn't), how you can become a better lover and how to communicate your needs and wants in a safe way. While sex and human sexuality are rather serious topics, like sex itself, they should be handled in a lighthearted and fun manner. This is a 45 minute talk with a 15 minute question and answer session.

Talk 6: Find out why you are not wealthy and how you can change it – R50-00
Why is it that only half a percent of the world's population is truly financially independent? Isn't it annoying that you are not? What is it that the rich have in common? What is their secret ingredient? If you knew what it was would you reach out to emulate it? I think you would. I know you can. In my research and over the years I have stumbled onto some of the secrets. Some of them can be taught. I have been using them more and more in my personal business and am thrilled with progress. I would love to share them with you. This is a 60 minute talk with a 15 minute question and answer session

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