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About Stephen van Basten


Professional Speaker

After almost 25 years of leading Spiritual meetings both locally and internationally, officiating at hundreds of Weddings and Funerals and decades of presenting at corporate level in his Sales and Marketing capacity, Stephen has many hours of public speaking experience. He is well known and appreciated for his incredibly candid and thought provoking messages. For cleverly making one re-evaluate ones beliefs and paradigms in a humorous, gentle questioning manner.

Stephen is respected by many as a Philosopher, Minister, Life Coach, Human Behavior Specialist and Expert on Relationships, Life Skills, concepts of Life & Death and the Meaning of Life.  His talks are the product of almost half a century of questioning, studying and researching.

Stephen is a member of the Professional Speakers Association of South Africa (PSASA), Toastmasters International and The Wedding Professionals Association of SA (WPASA)


Stephen was ordained as a minister in the Universal Life Church on 17 November 1996. Having studied many belief systems over many years, he now considers himself to be a true Universalist, after realising that all religions lead to the same God.

Over the years, Stephen has counselled, married, buried and baptised many people as part of his particular lay ministry.
His defining attribute is the length he goes to in personalising each and every occasion, which can be recognised in the many thank you letters he has received.

Stephen has touched numerous hearts and minds of over the past 20 years and is well respected internationally in his church. Augmenting his distinct brand of spirituality is his 40 years of karate, 25 years in the workplace, 19 years of marriage, 16 years of parenthood and an incredibly enquiring mind; giving him wonderful depth of character and an abundance of empathy.

Stephen is a yoga enthusiast, (a recovering golfer) and is the current Goju Kai Karate - World Champion for Kumite (fighting) and silver medal holder for Kata (form) in the veterans division (over 45).


Stephen completed Matric in1982, national service in 1984, completed a Cobol Computer Programming diploma in 1986 and completed his IMM diploma in 1996. He worked as a waiter at the then prestigious Carlton Hotel while studying Hotel Management before opening his own company; Complete Office Automation. After an 8 month sojourn in Japan studying karate with the Chief Instructor of his style, Stephen joined Shell SA as Trainee Retail Rep.

Eight years later, after becoming the Brand Manager for Shell Ultra Cities, Stephen joined the Bytes Technology Group (then NDS) and ended up as National Sales Manager in the Financial Services Group (ATMs). In his attempt to win the Rat Race, Stephen opened a golf shop, became Sales Manager for another ATM company a 3D Design Software Company as well as The Demartini Institute.

Stephen finally succumbed to the universe’s consistent urging for him to go on his own again, which he is now very successfully doing.


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